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Social Security Disability Attorney in Altamonte Springs, Florida

Disabled and unable to work? We can help you navigate your way through the system to make sure you receive all of the Social Security Benefits the law entitles you to.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the finest legal representation through zealous advocacy, personal attention, and in-depth knowledge of the Social Security Disability system. We help people who cannot work by making the Social Security disability system work for them.

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What Is "Disability"?

Simply put, disability under Social Security is the inability to work.

Many People are surprised to learn that disability is not a medical standard, but is rather a legal standard combining medical and vocational considerations.

The standard of disability can change depending on age, education, past work, literacy, and other factors.

Disability under Social Security is different from other programs that pay only for "total" disability.

Do I Qualify?

The main question is whether your health problems prevent you from holding a job. As for the types of health problems that might qualify for Social Security disability, the list is practically endless.

Some examples are as follows.

  • Mental illness

  • Arthristis

  • Diabetes

  • Breathing problems

  • Heart disease

How Do I Apply?

Contact Social Security Disability Lawyer Dean A. Reed in Florida. You will need to provide information on your medical conditions, treatment, medication, and work history. It is a Free Consultation.

You can apply online at or you can call us, or visit your local office in person. We can assist our clients with any of these options.

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What Are SSI And SSDI?

What types of Social Security disability benefits are there?

The government decides your benefits based on either your work record or your financial need. Generally speaking, if you've worked enough and paid enough in Social Security taxes, you may qualify for Disability Insurance Benefits (SSDI) if you are found disabled. If you have very limited income and assets, then you may qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

The medical requirements for both programs are exactly the same.

How Can My Lawyer Help?

The system can be overwhelming for those going it alone. Applying for disability benefits can be difficult, and more than two-thirds of people who apply are denied by Social Security. Of those who appeal, roughly 85% are denied. The reality is that the Social Security disability system is fraught with pitfalls and involves thousands of rules, regulations, and procedures. You can be denied benefits if your doctor doesn't know the legal definitions of disability, or if Social Security doesn't obtain evidence altogether if an appeal is handled improperly.

What Can't a Lawyer Do for Me?

Let's be clear: No lawyer in the country can push around the federal government, eliminate certain unfortunate delays, or change the law. In other words, the system - be it for better or worse- is the system.

While an experienced Social Security disability lawyer can make the system work for you, and can certainly make the difference between, winning and losing in certain cases, your lawyer will have to work within the Social Security disability system laws to get your case approved.

Why Dean A. Reed?

Dean A. Reed, an experienced attorney who knows the system can help your doctor explain your disability, submit supporting medical evidence, analyze your Social Security file, invoke helpful rules and regulations, prepare your testimony prior to hearing, question, witnesses, and cross-examine medical and/or vocational experts who may testify at your hearing regarding your ability to work.

When winning means so much, you want experienced legal representation on your side - especially when there's no fee unless you win.

How Can I Possibly Afford a Lawyer?

The Law Offices of Dean A. Reed charges no fee unless we win your case.

That means you have nothing to lose and everything to gain: the consultation is risk-free. There are no upfront costs, and the attorney fee - generally 25% of the back-pay you reveice - gets paid ONLY if you get paid.

If The Law Offices of Dean A. Reed does not win your case, you don't owe a penny